(Second) Life Updates

So, I’ve broken down and started setting up a little store for my scripted objects. It isn’t really there yet, but it’ll be sort of behind Scripting Your World HQ on Hennepin – I’ll put it in my picks and maybe make a classified when there’s something there.

On a related note, I’ve started repackaging various products for automated (mainly in-world) sales. Documentation, boxing up, etc. It is amazing how difficult SL makes it to get the permissions right. sigh.

Also, you’ll notice that I finally got my google adverts set up. It was a pain for not very good reasons. Please don’t try to help me out by clicking through unless you really want something – Teh Google treats such things as bad. On the other hand, if you see something you might like in there, feel free.

Projects I’m currently working on (that I’ll blog about later): new skin (maybe), HTTP in/out for modeling and simulation, and SLCC.