Tall avatars (and Avatars!)

I had an interesting little email chat with an SL content creator the other day on how to make tall avatars for Na’vi, the indigenous people in the movie Avatar. They are described as being around 3 meters tall. When you accommodate SL’s height inflation (due to an unusually tall set of defaults), I’d want something in the range of 11-14 SL feet. This is well outside the range available using appearance sliders. Worse yet, the usual techniques for making Macros (giant avatars) requires using prims to hide the avatar distortions caused by the animations needed.

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Second Life as a platform

There was a (never completed) interesting book titled Platform Second Life: Developing Real World Applications that would have been fascinating and useful.  I’m starting to think that someone needs to write it, even if it did get cancelled.  What is annoying is that we changed the direction of Scripting Your World a bit to avoid competing directly with it… and then it evaporated well after it was too late to change back.  So if you were wondering why we had so little in SYW on touching the outside world, now you know why!


Will be checking out BlueMars shortly – should be interesting from a pretty perspective, though it neither looks as general purpose as SL, not is it obviously grid compatible. Pretty darn high hurdles to take market share from SL.

The Rabbicorn Story

Went to see The Rabbicorn Story last night. I won’t repeat the rave reviews (though you should read the reviews and see the exhibit!!), but the use of small bits of environmental scripting was subtle and masterful.

Business cards, redux

Once again, I’m running late on business cards… Roisin did a bang-up job a month or so ago re-envisioning my business cards, so I’ve taken my favorite and redone it in high resolution:


The complete set (with my old white-background patterns) is here. What do you think?

Talking with UW class tonight

The University of Washington extension has a certificate program in virtual worlds (see earlier post). Turns out that the teacher of several of the classes, Randy Hinrichs, has them using SYW as a textbook and has asked my to talk with his class tonight.

Update: I had a blast – lots of great questions and interaction.  I was scheduled for an hour and ended up talking for two.