Dungeon Hacks

“I don’t usually personally promote books… but when I do, I’m the star!”

Well, okay, not really the star, but I did get interviewed for Dungeon Hacks, by David L Craddock.  I’ve just received a pre-press copy and will be reading it over the next few weeks, but it is neat to see some of the events I recall from years past in print!  Enjoy!

P.S. Other neat background information is Wagner James Au’s (yes, that Wagner James Au!) article for Salon: The best game ever (2000), and I cannot pass up the opportunity to link to thegreatestgameyouwilleverplay.com.

Dungeon Hacks

Translated english on Stolen SYW description

From one of the sites advertising free download of Scripting Your World:

Find rank aggregation most Second Life scripting and acquire admittance to more than 50 previously unpublished ready-to-use scripts in Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life Scripting. Learn how to playscript Second Life behaviors, classified into categories same avatar movement, communications, clothe and goal control, automation, realty control, combat, primary effects, surround curb and physics, and interacting with the concern right of Second Life.

After you feature this attractive book, you module possess a solidified discernment Linden Scripting Language conventions.

Can’t argue with “module possession a solidified discernment!”

Book scanned

Sigh – SYW appeared on file sharing networks over the weekend. We iz not happy. I’m hoping that people still buy the book after they start reading the ripped pdf.