Business cards, redux

Once again, I’m running late on business cards… Roisin did a bang-up job a month or so ago re-envisioning my business cards, so I’ve taken my favorite and redone it in high resolution:


The complete set (with my old white-background patterns) is here. What do you think?

Talking with UW class tonight

The University of Washington extension has a certificate program in virtual worlds (see earlier post). Turns out that the teacher of several of the classes, Randy Hinrichs, has them using SYW as a textbook and has asked my to talk with his class tonight.

Update: I had a blast – lots of great questions and interaction.  I was scheduled for an hour and ended up talking for two.

Book scanned

Sigh – SYW appeared on file sharing networks over the weekend. We iz not happy. I’m hoping that people still buy the book after they start reading the ripped pdf.