Simple Free URL giver

Here’s a little URL giver I wrote last night. Note that is discourages people from messing with the actual code by compressing into the end. Meanwhile, all the settings should be pretty self-explanatory – click on the little icon in the upper right corner that looks a little like [<>].

// Motley simple URL giver
// (C) Vex Streeter - feel free to use/modify/etc.
// If you like/use it, please consider buying a copy of Scripting Your World.

// Change the text inside the "" to be the full URL you want to send to people
string url="";

// Change the text to a message that will be displayed in the dialog that offers the URL.
string message="Go to Scripting Your World Headquarters on the web?";

// you can change this to be whatever text you want to float over the prim.  make it "" to hide the text
string text = "Touch to go to my website";

// this is a color to use to color the floating text
// use  where R,G,B are values from 0 to 255 (like the colors in the
// build menu.  White is <255,255,255>, black is <0,0,0>, red is <255,0,0>, etc.
vector color = <255,255,255>;

///// Don't change anything below unless you know what you are doing. /////
default {
on_rez(integer p) {llResetScript();}
state_entry() { llSetText(text, color/255.0, 1.0);}
touch_start(integer n) { llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0), message, url);}