Linux vs SL annoyances

SLTuxAnother cheat sheet here. Some issues and, hopefully, workarounds for running SL under Linux. I use Ubuntu 12.10, so have your grains of salt ready.

  • Control-Meta-T brings up a new terminal window. That’s nice except when you are in SL and want to highlight transparent. Solution: Keyboard settings, Shortcuts, set Launch terminal shortcut to something less nocuous – I changed it to Super-T
  • Accidentally clicking on the bottom border of a window maximized it vertically. Solution – this is, IMHO, a bug resulting from the combination of the edge resize function (click and hold on bottom border, for instance) and the “Maximize Vertically if screen edge hit” feature. Not a bad idea, but when the window is already snapped to the bottom of the screen, any click on the bottom border will maximize the window. Bad compiz! Use CCSM, Resize Window, General tab, disable “Maximize Vertically if screen edge hit” option.