Coming Soon: Skill Games!… yay?

When I first saw the headline “Coming Soon: Skill Gaming in Second Life!” I thought “Ooh – what neat new feature are they rolling out now?”

But no.  What is happening is that a whole lot of devices previously allowed as TOS-compliant “skill games” under the wagering policy are now going to be outlawed. The problem is that now if you want to operate a skill game, you need to apply to be a skill game (SG) operator (US$100+quarterly fee), switch or move to a SG sim (US$325/month to “own”), and buy and run only approved devices created by approved SG authors (US$100+quarterly fee).

I have a difficult time imagining that very many creators or operators will take linden up on the offer: margins are too thin and the added complexity and cost is likely to be too much for most.  I, for one, don’t see any chance that I’ll invest the money to be an approved creator – I don’t make anywhere near enough money from such games.

I suppose Linden is solving a real problem here… seems to me that they’re once again creating more problems for SL due to rather poorly considered policy changes.  We’ll see, I guess.

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  1. I’m guessing this is in response to legal threats. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of “skill games” are really barely-disguised gambling. I suspect the FBI, after their fairly successful crackdown on online poker, have turned their attention to more obscure platforms, and told the Lindens to make some changes or else.

    I think this will ban costume contests at the Yak, though, since all the boards I know of allow the manager to set an entry fee (even though we don’t use it.)

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