“50% OFF Monthly Premium Membership!” and other hyperbole.

If anyone from the Labs happens to read this: I’m not much for Linden bashing, but these ridiculous discount offers suggest either your marketing department is full of idiots or they think readers are idiots. Okay okay, maybe there are a sufficient number of idiots to make it worth the breathless hyperbole, but still, it comes across as insultingly childish. At worst it verges on false advertising.

“50% OFF Monthly Premium Membership” is simply false – the offered discount isn’t on anything monthly at all, it is a half price on the first month of a presumably longer membership. Furthermore, is better access to tech support reeeeeally the most compelling reason to upgrade membership? It makes it sound like “our product is so bad that it is worth paying to get all-you-can-eat support” which certainly doesn’t match my experience.


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  1. It’s better to get the yearly anyway – works out to six bucks a month, and you get almost all of that back through the stipend.

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