More writing in the works!

I’ve finally dug myself out of a backlog of RL work and firefights… So to avoid the horror of not being fully over committed, I’ve starting moving again on writing some more content. Lots more information to come, hopefully coincident with the launch of some text, but for now I’m keeping things under wraps.

That said, I’m willing to say that the new stuff:

  • will only be available electronically for now, probably PDF to start, maybe Kindle and Nook if I can figure out how to make it look reasonable and there’s enough call to justify the extra work
  • will be published incrementally in “chapbooks”
  • will be cheap
  • is likely to have a mix of authors
  • not be limited to SL topics
  • will continue to focus on scripting and related content creation topics
  • will be fully tech edited and tested
  • all chapbooks will have a consistent and quality style.  If we can’t make them look good and be useful, we wont publish them
  • each chapbook will come with associated scripts, demos, etc – no need to buy separate resource packs. Note: I still think you are better off doing things yourself than just editing our scripts – you’ll learn it much more quickly and understand it much more deeply!

So, with all that in mind, I’m asking you – what would you like to read about?  Sorry, no kickbacks for ideas though if you have something that you’d like to write yourself and have us publish it, I’m happy to talk!  Send suggestions to me at or IM me in-world!

2 Replies to “More writing in the works!”

  1. Hmm what about a guide to developing MMOGs in Second Life? 🙂 Addressing the kinds of workarounds needed to do on LSL scripting, taking the new LSL functions into account, how to deal with Pathfinding and create pseudo-NPCs taking advantage of those functions, etc.

    Obviously mentioning existing systems and how they can be used for different kinds of MMOGs.

    We have to get ready for the Steam community 🙂

  2. Definitely on the pathfinding stuff, though it seems pretty raw still (I am not, sadly, in the beta program 😛 )

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