Inventory: The Black Pit of Despair

This is going to be my magnum opus – a comprehensive document of foolproof best practices for inventory management… A living document that tracks The Best Way To Manage Your Inventory!

What to delete:

  1. Ditch the stuff that has no value.  For instance:
    • Bad unpacker scripts.
    • Ads for stuff you don’t care about
    • Hunt prizes for which the builder didn’t bother to remove the dummy prize
    • Bag holding animations
    • Empty boxes
    • Adverts, especially from dumb welcome mats
  2. Ditch the theoretically useful stuff that you can get back for free if you need ’em.
    • Megaprims (use one of the utilities instead).
    • Instructions notecards (I like to past instructions into real documents that I store in my dropbox)
  3. Store stuff of purely historical significance in archive prims.  I do this for old versions of products sometimes.  Script versions are better kept in a source control repository out-world anyway.


  1. When sorting, open up an additional inventory window so you can drag stuff around easily.  Don’t drop stuff on the ground or on another avatar.
  2. Sorting?
  3. Filtering?


  1. The sort order of the characters is determined mostly by unicode with exceptions for letters as: !”#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@[\]^_`AaBb…Zz{}~Note that you cannot use space or “|” (vertical bar) and all letters are sorted alphabetically, uppercase first (so “AaBb..”).  Other unicode characters get filtered out if you type them in a folder name. So: Use a high sorting prefix like “!” or “#” to bring folders of stuff up to the top of your inventory and “~” to the end.  I sometimes do things like “#1 TODO” and “#2 WORK” to order.  Vendors: PLEASE don’t put those sorts of characters at the start of product names – it is annoying and likely to cause me not to buy your stuff any more because I might never find it in inventory.

P.S. As a side comment, if you are a scripter, PLEASE don’t write scripts that make a mess of people’s inventory!

P.P.S For further reading:

P.P.P.S. that photo isn’t my house, but a snapshot from the wikipedia article on compulsive hoarding. Apropos, huh?