Wherein I pine for continuous virtual worlds

I always liked the concept of virtual worlds as connected space: e.g. The Street in Snow Crash, The River in Otherland, even required travel time in many games and novels about games.  Second Life used to feel much more connected than it does today:  real estate near telehubs were valuable, and people needed to use […]

Coming Soon: Skill Games!… yay?

When I first saw the headline “Coming Soon: Skill Gaming in Second Life!” I thought “Ooh – what neat new feature are they rolling out now?” But no.  What is happening is that a whole lot of devices previously allowed as TOS-compliant “skill games” under the wagering policy are now going to be outlawed. The problem […]

New User Experience

I went through creating a new avatar the other day… … and here’s what I found. The account creation dialogs on the website are okay, but: they still don’t make it clear that you cannot change your account name and don’t offer you the option to customize your display name at registration time… Action: ask for […]

Perfect petite hair from biggee hair (and other stuff too!)

New product from Motley Tech: a script to drop into any mod hair (and other objects too) to resize for petites, tinies, or other small avatars. Here’s the link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Petitify-Resizer/5987341 L$50 (copy, nomod, notrans). Why bother? Well, you’d know why if you ever tried manually resizing hair from standard to petite size – the drag […]

Keep your transaction logs forever!

Yes, I’ve turned the transaction log automation system I’ve been using for years into an actual product.  Heck, I like the new version much better than the old – it was a great excuse to hack on it and I might even sell a few copies. The interesting thing is what was holding me back… […]


Another year, another University of Washington Virtual Worlds program semester!  We’ll be trying out some new ways of doing things this semester:  can’t wait to see the awesomeness of this year’s students!

Linux vs SL annoyances

Another cheat sheet here. Some issues and, hopefully, workarounds for running SL under Linux. I use Ubuntu 12.10, so have your grains of salt ready. Control-Meta-T brings up a new terminal window. That’s nice except when you are in SL and want to highlight transparent. Solution: Keyboard settings, Shortcuts, set Launch terminal shortcut to something […]

More writing in the works!

I’ve finally dug myself out of a backlog of RL work and firefights… So to avoid the horror of not being fully over committed, I’ve starting moving again on writing some more content. Lots more information to come, hopefully coincident with the launch of some text, but for now I’m keeping things under wraps. That said, […]

Inventory: The Black Pit of Despair

This is going to be my magnum opus – a comprehensive document of foolproof best practices for inventory management… A living document that tracks The Best Way To Manage Your Inventory! What to delete: Ditch the stuff that has no value.  For instance: Bad unpacker scripts. Ads for stuff you don’t care about Hunt prizes […]